This app respects each individual’s right to personal privacy. Explained below- 

I. Face data

a. Collection

No face data is collected by this app at all. Only face detection is done real-time by the app when you are doing face detection for locket creation and love test. The app does not collect the face data and that camera view is completely 100% private on user’s device.

b. Use

We are not at all using the face data. We understand user privacy and we made sure when developing the app that no face data is used by us or any 3rd party framework in the app.

c. Disclosure

We understand user confidentiality and that is why we have developed the app to not store any face data nor allow any 3rd party to use it in any way possible.

d. Sharing

i. App does not share any face data with anyone. The data remains 100% private with you.

ii. There are 3 options of sharing heart locket video in this app, Sharing to instagram stories, sharing to facebook stories and share video. All these 3 options and every kind of heart locket saving or live wallpaper creation is done 100% on user’s device. Every sharing/saving in this app is 100% private.

e. Retention

i. There is no retention of face data. The face data is not stored at all on your device.
ii. For the heart locket video, the video is totally 100% removed after the user closes the app and even when you are using the app, it is completely on your device only. There is totally no retention of user’s data in the app.

II. App Analytics & Privacy.

There is no 3rd analytics service in this app. We agree with user privacy which is the most important for us when developing this app.
No user account or login is required for using our apps. No personal information is collected.

III. Advertisement

No Advertisements in this app. This app is completely free from advertisement as user privacy is primary focus of our’s when developing this app.

IV. Permissions

a. Camera Permission

Apps ask for camera permission, which is just for showing your faces’s to you, face detection is done by the app software to detect face’s. And apart from that nothing else is done by the app with your face data. No capture or storing of face data happens. This data is completely confidential and remains 100% in the user device and no where else.

b. Live Wallpaper Addition to Photos

When you will save the live wallpaper created using the app, app will ask for photo addition permission. This permission will only save the Live wallpaper to your device and cannot access any data from your device. 100% private and safe.

V. Problem Resolution

If problems arise or for any questions, you may contact us via the “Contact us” page or by sending an email to
We are committed to resolving disputes within 2 working days.

VI. In-app Purchases

All in-app purchases in our app are non-renewable. Non-renewable in-app purchases are not subscriptions. Once you made the in-app purchase , it will be always available for usage to you and you do not need to pay again for that same service.